Mol. Mass:


Other common names

 β-Keto-Methylbenzodioxolylpentanamine, bk-Methyl-K, bk-MBDP


dirty yellow color with a flour like consistency. Fishy, circuit board smell, but far from overbearing smell.



Making its first appearance as an identified ingredient in two of the most infamous bath salts to date, Ivory Wave* and NRG-1**, this distant cathinone derivative is quickly becoming a prominent name in the designer drug industry. It is classified as a stimulant belonging to the phenethylamine class with close structural similarities to other research chemicals like MDPV and pentedrone. For example, it is the methylenedixoy substituted version of pentedrone and is basically identical to MDPV, just without the pyrollidine ring. It’s potency, although not reaching the insane stimulation MDPV was able to produce, has been known to cause psychotic reactions in very minute “overdoses.” As with most other chemicals listed on this site, no pharmacological data has been published as to its possible toxicological or long term effects.

*ivory wave- One of the first bath salts to hit the US market and held a ratio of 1:1 with pentylone and MDPV. Caused many psychotic episodes and lead to tons of slanted news stories that held very little truth.

**NRG-1- Popular brand that had no real consistent formula. They contained a volatile concoction of substituted cathinones and also had dire effects on any user who was ignorant enough to go overboard with no strength test/ allergy test/ or knowledge as to what it even contained.


Pentylone’s relation to MDPV would put it in extra murky waters legality wise as MDPV is a federally banned chemical. Bk-MBDP also is considered to belong to the substituted cathinone group, which would make it technically illegal in states that have passed legislation banning any substituted cathinone or cathinone derivative, including North Carolina and Texas.



User Report:

route of administration: Insufflated

Low mg (20+80mg) resembles a clean stimulant; at 100-150mg (considered a ‘normal’ dose)it seems to adopt the characteristics of a euphoric /MDMA type empathogen. The shorter duration and tolerance led to the ‘mor-ish’ attitude inevitably leaving me with no thought of sleep until the sun comes up.