Mol. Mass:

 227.7 g/mol

Other Common Names

 α -methylamino-Valerophenone


 It can be described as a fine, very ‘sparkly’ off white dust that bears a striking resemblance to butylone (bk-MBDB).  No real smell could be pinpointed. Its numbing properties were remarkably strong, ranking higher than most -caine derivatives.


This simple 5 chain chemical belongs to the cathinone family with various routes of ingestion such as,  IV, vaporization, insufflation, and oral. The cathinone classification of pentedrone is a result of its structural similarity to mephedrone and b-keto moiety. Its effects resemble a mixture between an amphetamine and an entactogen, and have been proclaimed as one of the most promising new research chemicals on the market. One very unique trait that has no scientific explination as of yet is its topical numbing properties it holds when ingested orally or rubbed on the gums/ tongue. These effects are said to be similar to the numb potential of high quality cocaine. That property, along with the suggestion that it is a safer, more stable version of pentylone could very well prove to major selling points that could ‘put pentedrone on the map’ so to speak. Pentedrone is also being brought up as a promising sexual aid, and has even been called an aphrodisiac. Euphoria and increased sociability have also been commonly noted.


Substituted cathinone laws leave pentedrone in the same grey area as most other research chemicals around today. With 2 states (NC, TX) that have already passed sub. Cathinone bans it is only a matter of time before other states follow suit. Besides the states listed above or where exclusively banned in a city, pentedrone would only be illegal under the Fed. Analog act.

User Reports:

50mg insufflated- incredibly easy on the nose compared to other RCs, with an instant euphoria that never seems to get old. Nose goes numb without me even noticing, but it wasn’t long until that all too knowing ‘more-ish’ feeling came and I found myself going at it again. If it could be compared to any illicit substance, I would ballpark it cocaine that has only touched a few hands, or hasn’t been cut up a bunch yet. Once effects subsided a slight comedown was felt which is particularly dreadful when alone.