Mol. Mass:

 261.316 g/mol

Other Common Names





Although MDPBP was discovered over 50 years ago, it is just now resurfacing as one of the newest stimulant type designer drugs belonging to the pyrrolidine class. The pyrrolidine family is quickly becoming the most popular and widely used stimulant research chemical due to the strong, debatably clean characteristics. Legality obviously plays a role in this explosion of popularity as well. Structural properties between MDPBP and other chemicals in its class show that it is in fact a homolog of the compounds PPP and PVP. MDPBP also shares structural features of the federally scheduled compound MDPV, which was a main ingredient in most of the first bath salt/ novelty products to hit the states.



It’s Legality falls in line with all the other distant cathinone relatives thus should be treated as a potentially illegal drug in states where broad cathinone bans are active, such as North Carolina and Texas. Until cases are tried, no real assurance can be made regarding the legal standing of MDPBP.