Mol. Mass:

201.307 g/mol

Other common names



clumpy white powder, when recrystallized has a shimmer and breaks down into a finer powder


Camfetamine is a potent stimulant that is becoming more common in areas with cathinone bans in effect, most notably the UK. In a structural sense, it is the n-methyl homolog version of the known appetite suppressant fencamfetamine. A notable difference between these to chemicals is camfetamines slightly increased potency and corresponding increased severity of side effects. User reports range from case to case, but for the most part lean negative with almost all detailing the noticeable negative effects paired with a lack of stimulation. This somewhat negative viewpoint has had little effect on the popularity in strict ban areas, and will continue to grow until lawmakers amend legislation once again in an attempt to halt what appears to be an unstoppable game of cat and mouse.