Mol. Mass:

294.14 g/mol


Bromo-DragonFLY is arguably the strongest hallucinogenic RC to date, producing intense long lasting effects with as little as 200 μg ingested. It was first synthesized in 1998 and shortly after obtained its nickname through its molecular pattern resembling a dragonfly.  Bromo-dragonFLY is exceptionally unique in the way that its chemical structure introduced a new class called Benzodifurans. Benzodifurans are related to chemicals in the phenethylamine class, but structurally have distinctly different properties. It boasts a potency 300 times stronger than mescaline, and even rivaling LSD at 1/5th the potency. Even though this chemical has been around for quite some time, it is still a remarkably rare find on the RC market. This is likely due to a case in 2009 where a batch from china was mis-labelled as 2cb fly. The fatal mistake ultimately led to an undisclosed amount of fatal overdoses and hospitalizations. One user described his overdose saying “it was like being dragged to hell and back again, Many times. It is the most evil thing I have ever tried. It lasted an eternity.”


The effects of Bromo-dragonFLY are far from understood in humans, extreme caution should be used if you plan on researching this chemical. An average dose of 500ug – 1000ug produces a notably long duration of effects, usually lasting anywhere from 12-24 hours, with after effects that can last for up to 36 hours. Bromo-dragonFLY’s onset is also particularly ambiguous, with effects sometimes taking up to 6 hours to be felt. Positive effects of Bromo-dragonFLY are amplified associative thinking, ego softening, visual changes, and an increase in energy. Some neutral effects noted include heavy visual distortions and a decrease in appetite. Negative symptoms are mostly felt at higher doses and consist of muscle tension, confusion, and short term memory scramble or loss. Vasoconstriction, or the narrowing of blood vessels resulting from contraction of the muscular wall of the vessels, has also been noted in higher doses with one documented case of an overdose requiring a man in Switzerland to have half his foot and several fingers on one hand amputated.


**If you don’t have a scale that can measure in micrograms (.000) don’t touch this stuff with a 10 foot pole, eyeing it out is simply not worth the risk of overdose.**

Bromo-DragonFLY is an extremely rare and mostly untested compound, with the only legitimate scientific research being done on rats in the 90s at Purdue University. When the results came in regarding the activity in rats, it was discovered how potent bromo-dragonFLY really is. A short time after the initial papers were released describing its activity in the brain, reports began to surface with human subjects. These first pseudo experiments suggested the oral activity to be in the micrograms. Others have claimed that Bromo-dragonFLY is only active at this level when injected.

In 2005, this chemical hit the research chemical market and first appeared on a psychoactive vendor list. Even with the emergence in the grey market, by 2009 only 50 or so first hand user reports had been posted on various forums. The few reports that were available were all different from one another in terms of dosage and intensity of effects.  Some of these reports claimed oral activity at 300ug, while others felt little to no effect ingesting 1.5mg (1500u)

With such a little amount of information and accurate reports available on Bromo-dragonFLY, it would be very unwise of an individual to assume that this dosage chart below and various online reports are an accurate description of how others will react to this chemical. Everybody reacts differently to different things, and this potent hallucinogen is absolutely no exception.

The dosage chart below is merely a representative collection of what I have seen online from user reports and should in no way be construed as accurate. The second dose chart regards a batch of particularly potent Bromo-dragonFLY that came from Europe in 2005. It is not known if this European batch is still being circulated.


Oral Bromo-dragonfly Dose

Threshold – 500ug

Common – 800 -1300ug

Strong – 1200 -1800ug

Heavy – 1600+ug

Oral Bromo-dragonfly Dose

 **European batch**

Threshold – 100ug

Common – 300 – 500ug

Strong – 400 – 800ug

Heavy – 700+ug