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Other common names

 Bk-DMBDB, dimethylone


Bk-MDDMA is a brand new psychotropic designer drug that bears a strong relation to methylone (bk-mdma) and falling into the phenethylamine, amphetamine, and cathinone chemical classes. Although it is one of the more unusual RC’s listed on this site, bk-MDDMA has already surfaced overseas and has been positively identified to be a main component in certain brands of ‘legal Party Pills’ sold overseas.  If this chemical follows the distribution pattern of most others, heading from the UK overseas to the US, I can say without a doubt it’s only a matter of time before bk-MDDMA is put under the spotlight as the newest “drug of concern” in legal party pills/powders.

More information regarding the Toxicological and metabolism analysis of bk-MDDMA and other similar compounds by following the link below:


Volume26 #2



Bk-MDDMA would be held under the same president as other substituted cathinones and could very well be tried under the Federal Analogue Act due to its similarity to Methylone(bk-MDMA) and MDMA which are both federally scheduled in the first level.