1345973-49-0 (unconfirmed)



Mol. Mass:

 349.508 g/mol

Other Common Names

 JWH 018 adamantyl analog, 1-pentyl-3-(1-adamantoyl)indole




When this unique chemical hit the market in 2011, there was an extremely scarce amount of scientific publishing. It has since been positively identified as the adamantyl analog of JWH-018 that acts as a selective agonist of the peripheral cannabinoid receptor. This distinctive analog replaces the naphthalene ring with an adamantyl group which has been known to improve the affinity and selectivity of cannabinoid receptor binding. In this case this would affect the central and peripheral cannabinoid receptors. To date there is no known origin of creation for AB-001.



 From what could be gathered through various sources, AB-001 is considered to be DEA compliant and currently is the active in quite a few “50 state legal” incense blends. To date no court cases have been prosecuted for possession of AB-001 or a spice containing it, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely legal. It would fall into the quasi legal “grey” area that RC’s have lingered in like a legislative limbo.